Patch Notes - Beta 2.3 - 18th Mar, 2019

March 21st, 2019 at 10:08am

Dear Warriors of Ellora,
We're gonna be honest and get right to what happend today.
We are really really sorry but our Server has been ha-- wrong text, sorry!

Today's patch notes:

- Implemented Crafting failstacks system on myth items which may increase up to 30%!


- Fixed Auction House Search (Marketplace search function not working)


- Removed spire rng on the following floors: 4, 9, 11, 16 and 36


- Enhanced Ranger class,
one Intelligence adds 3.5 Magic Attack (increased from 2.3 to 3.5)


- Applied patches into enhacing server stability (crashes are becoming more and more rare, yay)!


- Fixed the "This item cannot be purchased" bug whilst trying to buy 90 days premium more than once


- Added "1-click" feature on the following packages:


Kherim Ore x5 pack
Fragment x5 pack


- Added the following items in cash shop:



Blessed Archlord's suit
Archlord's suit


Lucky Boxes

Crescent Lucky Box
Supreme Familiar Lucky Box
Jackpot Lucky Box
Ica Day Special Lucky Box
Enigmatic Lucky Box
Poyo Lucky Box
Ica Lucky Box
Event Shop Lucky Box
Legendary Dragon Lucky Box
Full of Item Gift Lucky Box
Full of Tempering Stone Gift Lucky Box
Full of Familiar Gift Lucky Box
Legendary Familiar Honeypot
Legendary Pet Honeypot
Lucky Honeypot
Good Luck Box
Event Special Lucky Box
White Day Lucky Box
Windfall Premium Lucky Box
Golden Holiday Familiars & Pet Fortune Box
Legendary Familiar Crescent Lucky Box
Reload Lucky Box
Awakening Lucky Box
Awakened Boss Familiar & Pet Orb Random Box
Twilight Pet Lucky Box
Void Pet Fortune Box

Patch Notes - Beta 2.2 - 2nd Mar, 2019

March 3rd, 2019 at 8:32pm
-New loot tables have been applied to all legendary dungeon Bosses (only last bosses on 40s and 50s, and all Bosses on 60s and Tomb)
-All Legendary Dungeons (L2 to L5 difficulties) got their stats buffed (and their gold rate too) to adjust to the increased party size and the new improved loot. Only L1 Dungeon stats have remained the same difficulty-wise, so that they can still be soloed even by new/undergeared players, even though they get the new loot tables too, but without a drop rate bonus and no gold rate boost. It is highly recommended though to run the new Legendary Dungeons as full raid for max drop rate and maximize your group’s chances of getting really awesome stuff.
-Premium Coins have a low chance to drop from legendary dungeon bosses. All Legendary Dungeons now have a chance to drop packs of Kherim Ores and Mysterious Fragments, more Blessed Fabled Emblems, ingots, crescent coins, RRB Certificates, a low chance to drop Salant Shards and Zelnaris Marks and a very low chance to drop Mythical Grade Only Tempering Stones
-Rates for rare tempering stones (Blessed 50% etc) have been increased on all legendary dungeons
-lvl 55 Honing Stones have been removed from legendary dungeon drops (can be bought for gold from “Philippe Rabbini” NPC)
-Fractura Master HP and def attributes on mobs and bosses have both been nerfed 30% -Fractura Master loot on mobs and bosses has been refined - Yatuman hard mode loot has been refined
-lvl65 Legendary Gear (Temain) Transcendence failed attempt to go from 6/7 to 7/7 no longer causes derank to 5/7
- Increased drop rates to 150% in BR & NA servers so they can get back on track
-A new failstack System has been applied on transcending and crafting, so each time you fail an attempt to transcend/craft an item, next attempt has a slightly higher chance to succeed. Crafting failstack has been delayed a bit
-February Writ rewards have been added to the Crescent Merchant NPC near the mailbox in Victory Plaza
-The following items have been added for sale with Rabbini Gold Coins on Gold Merchant’ NPC:
1.“Potions” Tab: PC Bunny’s Buff Box - 15x Rabbini Gold Coins
2. “General Goods” Tab: Hakanas Coin - 2x Rabbini Gold Coin
-Prices for all items sold for Golden Sea Bass on Noel ‘Shenlong Fishing Area Guard’ at Hakanas fishing ground have been decreased.
-Ellora Spire rng add spawn has been fixed for floors 4, 9, 16. The fix for the rest of the problematic floors will follow soon.
Update #2.3 will be applied asap

Patch Notes - Beta 2.1 - 1st Feb, 2019

February 1st, 2019 at 7:41pm

-Drop Rate and Rare Drop get to +50% instead of +200% on Server Buffs


-Fractura Master loot tables on Bosses have been fixed (they should drop loot similar to last RRB Boss.


-Fractura Master def attribute on mobs and bosses has been nerfed 25%.


-Added January Writ rewards at the Crescent Merchant NPC (near the mailbox in Victory Plaza).


-Reduced the last guildhall ticket's price to barely half price.


-Made zeln coin's package tradable


-Fixed some translations ingame.


-Patch #2.2 will follow with new drops in legendary dungeons, stay tuned!

Patch Notes - Beta 2.0 - 28th Jan, 2019

January 29th, 2019 at 9:47am
-Christmas Event ends: Snowmen no longer spawn in dungeons -February Event starts! Zelnaris exchange coins can now drop from any mob in game with a very low drop chance, so make sure you leave no loot box unturned! :D You can exchange this coin at Yuri “3rd Anniversary Event” NPC in Victory Plaza for a Zelnaris Event Weapon that lasts for 6hours! -Attaius Master-RRB-Fractura Master cooldown is 2 hours instead of 30 mins from now on. -10man Raids have been allowed to enter ALL legendary dungeons in game, including the RRB, so that you can invite more friends to take on difficult dungeons with increased drop rate (+750% more drop rate for a full 10man raid)!!! -Now you can exchange 1 Ancient Coin for 10 Rabbini Gold Coins at the Ancient Coin Exchange NPC!
-A new Dungeon Shop has been introduced (using the Premium Shop NPC) and several items (gear, marks, tempering/refining/honing stones among other stuff) have been added to the shop to be bought for Blessed lvl60 Legendary Emblems (used as the base currency), Premium Coins and Ica Day Premium Coins. You can exchange your lower level blessed legendary emblems, blessed turimnan emblems and RRB certificates for Blessed lvl60 Legendary Emblems, Ica Day Premium Coins and Premium Coins at the Premium Shop and Philippe Rabbini (Hakanas Coin) NPC (last two tabs). Premium Coins have also a low chance to drop from Attaius Master-Fractura Master-RRB mobs and Bosses.
- The exchange parities are the following: 4x Lvl.40 Blessed Legendary Emblems = 1x Lvl.60 Blessed Legendary Emblem 2x Lvl.50 Blessed Legendary Emblems = 1x Lvl.60 Blessed Legendary Emblem 1x Blessed Turimnan Emblem = 2x Lvl.60 Blessed Legendary Emblems 1x RRB Certificate = 10x Lvl.60 Blessed Legendary Emblems 1x Premium Coin = 100x Lvl.60 Blessed Legendary Emblems 2x Premium Coin = 1x Ica Day Premium Coin
-New improved drops have been applied to Attaius Master Mode (that got massively improved loot in general), RRB, Fractura Master Mode and Adelik! All our new drops have been divided into the 4 following categories, depending on rarity and they have been applied on RRB mobs and Bosses, Fractura Master mobs and Bosses, Attaius Master and Adelik, with different rates depending on difficulty!
This is the list of items that can drop now. It goes without saying that the best farming spots for them are the RRB and Fractura Master of course
Common Drops Lvl 160 Heroic Tempering Stone Lvl 170 Heroic Tempering Stone Lvl 160 Jewelry Tempering Stone Lvl 170 Jewelry Tempering Stone Lvl 190 Elite Tempering Stone Lvl 220 Elite Tempering Stone Kherim Ore Fallen Royal Blood Ancient Turiman Alloy Ancient Turiman Ingot Fragment of Shard Mysterious Cell Ancient Slate Crystal Stone Tempered Kherim Ore Tempered Kherim Ingot Tempered Kherim Alloy Blessed Legendary Seal Stone Extractor Blessed Legendary Dismantling Tool Copper Ingot
Common to Medium Rarity Drops Teleo’s Dark Weapon Lucky Box Teleo’s Dark Armor Fortune Box Teleo’s Dark Accessory Lucky Box Familiar Mark Box (Heroic) Familiar Mark Box (Elite) Legendary Familiar Mark Box Blessed Legendary Familiar Seal Token Silver Ingot Gold Ingot Alsas Armor Box Alsas Weapon Box Alsas Accessory Box Ellora Armor Box Ellora Weapon Box Ellora Accessory Box Temain Succession recipe Lucky Box (Teleo’s) Armor Refining Stone lvl 55 Weapon Refining Stone lvl 55 Accessory Refining Stone lvl 55 Lv. 55 Transcending Stone Mcbain Coin
Medium Rarity to Rare Drops Lv. 180 Heroic Temper Stone Lvl 180 Jewelry Tempering Stone Lv. 190 Heroic Temper Stone Shining 30% Heroic Tempering Stone Shining 30% Elite Tempering Stone Lvl 240 Elite Tempering Stone Armor Refining Stone lvl 60 Weapon Refining Stone lvl 60 Accessory Refining Stone lvl 60 Lv. 60 Transcending Stone Void Alloy Zelnaris Soul Stone Premium Coin Mcbain Coin (x5 pack) Frost Crystal Adventure Mark Box III Pure Gold Ingot Belhira's Journal (x14 pack) Gem Lucky Box (Lvl.7-9) Lvl 250 Elite Tempering Stone Nerha’s Transcending Stone Nerha’s Development Crossbow Nerha’s Development Lance Ancient Necklace Ancient Ring I Ancient Ring II Cheemer's Necklace Cheemer's Ring I Cheemer's Ring II Alsas Succession recipe Box (Ellora Bless) Collector's Legendary Familiar Scroll Collector's Heroic Familiar Scroll Salant's Magic Shard Zelnaris Mark +5 Extractor Temain Succession recipe Lucky Box (Alsas)
Rare to Very Rare Drops Vinisar’s Ocean Pearl Divine Elite Tempering Stone Divine Heroic Tempering Stone Blessed 50% Elite Tempering Stone Blessed 50% Heroic Tempering Stone Laboratory Mark Box Shining 50% Elite Tempering Stone Shining 50% Heroic Tempering Stone Reverse Stone Reverse Attempt Redeemer Zelnaris Bless Frost Alloy White Gold Ingot +7 Legendary Extractor Gem Lucky Box (8Lv ~ 10Lv) Reaper Equipment Honeypot Blessed Legendary Unbinding Scroll IX Armor Refining Stone lvl 65 Weapon Refining Stone lvl 65 Accessory Refining Stone lvl 65 Antares Mark Spiroon Mark Lv. 200 Heroic Temper Stone Lv. 200 Jewelry Temper Stone Blessed Heroic Tempering Stone Blessed Elite Tempering Stone Lv. 65 Transcending Stone McBain Zelnaris Mounted Weapon Package +6 Tempered Legendary Extractor
-All RRB Bosses got their stats moderately buffed to adjust to the increased party size and the new improved loot, except the last RRB Boss that got buffed significantly, in order to be more challenging for well geared raids. -Now only [I] summer cards drop from mobs, so that you can save a few more inventory slots.
-And last but not least, as an experimental first step towards class rebalancing in game, the dps of the following classes will be buffed as follows:
1.Guardian class:
one Strength adds 2 Physical Attack (increased from 1.2 to 2)
2.Idol Class:
one Intelligence adds 2.5 Magic Attack (increased from 1.2 to 2.5)
3.Priest Class:
one Intelligence adds 1.5 Magic Attack (increased from 1.2 to 1.5)
Berserker class:
one Strength adds 2 Physical Attack (increased from 1.5 to 2)
Ranger class:
one Intelligence adds 2.3 Magic Attack (increased from 1.5 to 2.3)
We need your feedback on the new class changes, so we can make base stats perfect before we proceed to pvp class rebalancing in the near future! ;)
-Patch #2.1 will follow in the next days with Writs and new drops in legendary dungeons, stay tuned!

Patch Notes - Beta 1.0 - 24th December, 2018

December 26th, 2018 at 6:14pm

Merry Christmas everyone! Today's patch notes:

• Added the following items for sale with Rabbini Gold Coins on Gold Merchant’ NPC:
Potions Tab:
Health Tincture (5 pack): - 15 gold coins
Mana Tincture (5 pack): - 15 gold coins
Physical Attack Tincture (5 pack): - 15 gold coins
Defense Tincture (5 pack) - 15 gold coins
Magic Attack Tincture (5 pack) - 15 gold coins
Health Recovery Tincture (5 pack) - 15 gold coins
Mana Recovery Tincture (5 pack) - 15 gold coins
Critical Hit Tincture (5 pack) - 15 gold coins
Cooldown Tincture (5 pack) - 15 gold coins
Quick Health Recovery Potion x8 - 10 Rabbini Gold Coins
Quick Mana Recovery Potion x8 - 10 Rabbini Gold Coins

Rental Tab:
Transit Shrine (7 days) - 70 gold coins
Premium Bag (7 days) - 70 gold coins
Familiar Bag (7 days) - 70 gold coins
Autoloot Emblem (7 Days) - 70 gold coins
Portable Storage (7 Days) - 70 gold coins

• Added/replaced the following items on “Philippe Rabbini” NPC:

A) Replaced item(s) in General Goods Tab:
1. Tower of Challenge General Booster (4 hours) with Ellora's Spire General Boost Talisman (3 day)
2. Tower of Challenge Defense Booster (4 hours) with Ellora's Spire Defense Boost Talisman (3 day)

B) Replaced item(s) in Exchange Gold Tab:
Clam with Table

C) Added the following item(s) in Exchange Gold Tab:
All Ores
Exquisite Sweet Sauce
Lv. 55 Transcending Stone

• Added Mailbox, “Philippe Rabbini” (Ores, Spire Talismans, Special Goods, Dire Wounds Scrolls etc) and World Shrine in all three Guild Halls

• Added “Philippe Rabbini”, PCBunny merchant and gold coin NPC in Familiar Farm

• Added PCBunny merchant NPC inside Turiman/Ellora Sanctuary/Windy Canyon

• Added gold coin NPC to Kellwoods (Highlands), Alseik (Cloying), Blood Moon Camp (Exarahn) and Grand Canyon Village (Turiman)
• “Beriana” ‘Guild Room For Rental Merchant’ NPC now includes the following items on the Rental Ticket Tab as well:
1) The Guild of Fame Room Rental Ticket - 4000 gold
2) The Guild of Glory Room Rental Ticket - 8000 gold

• Hakains Crossing, Victory Plaza is changed to matched up with the December season!

• Dungeon Cooldowns have been modified:
1) Any dungeon grade lower than Legendary has no cooldown anymore
2) Legendary dungeons' cooldowns have been reduced from 6 hours and 30 minutes to 30 minutes
3) Emblems have been removed for the dungeon entry requirements


Xmas Event Shop has been added:
Merry Christmas Fairy Event NPC:

Special Title: Rough
Christmas Gold Card
Legendary Dungeon Reset Ticket
Lv.180 Jewelry Elite Tempering Stone
Chinese (buff food)
Bongu French Fries(buff food)
Event Potion II(buff potion)
Awakening Gauge 100% Recovery Potion
Shining 50% Elite Tempering Stone
Shining 50% Heroic Tempering Stone
Lv.250 Elite Tempering Stone
Lv.200 Heroic Tempering Stone
Familiar Mark Box VI
Legendary Reverse Tempering Stone
Reverse Attempt Redeemer
Familiar Enhancement Lvl 72 Crystal


Christmas Talisman
Black Christmas Party
Christmas Party
Red Winter Costume
Midwinter Costume
Rudolph Costume
Frost Dragon Costume
Christmas Party(30 day)
Christmas Weapon Skin(30 day)
Midwinter Costume(30 day)
Ice Weapon Skin(30 day)
Frost Dragon Wings(30 day)
Wings of the Blue Flame(30 day)

Pet: Pounder Rabbini
Pet: Mochi Rabbini
Pet: Eunha
Pet: Sowon
Pet: Yerin
Pet: Yuju
Pet: Void Snowman
Pet: Twilight Snowman
Pet: Santa Puppy
Pet: Santa Rabbini
Pet: Awakened Santa Rabbini
Mount: Awakened Rudolph
Mount: Christmas Sled
Adjusted the cooldown from 10 seconds to 3 seconds for the following tinctures:
Health Tincture
Mana Tincture
Physical Attack Tincture
Defense Tincture
Magic Attack Tincture
Health Recovery Tincture
Mana Recovery Tincture
Critical Hit Tincture
Cooldown Tincture

• Removed the start up intros for CryEngine, etc
• Blizzard Phoenix has been removed from the Collections
• Decreased prices by 30% on all items sold for “Golden Sea Bass”
• Adjusted the taming rates
• Removed RRB debuff after killing mobs which indirectly stopped action/combo/cast
• Set all item stacks to 999 (or at least where possible - items that were only 1 per slot are not affected)
• added Zenon/Kashim/Mupadin Jewels to drop from Fractura Boss
• Increased server buff's drop rates
• added Zenon/Kashim/Mupadin Jewels to drop from Fractura Boss
• Increased server buff's drop rates
forgot to mention those

Server Information

  • Increased Crafting Rates
  • Increased Drop Rates
  • Increased Exp Rates
  • Increased Reverse Temper Rates
  • Increased Taming Rates
  • Implemented Failstack System


  • Servertime: 05:19:47