Patch #3.5 Aug 5th, 2019

September 10th, 2019 at 6:59pm

Added new Items to Ellora’s Shop:

Highly Concentrated Familiar Health Recovery Potion (50 Pack)
Warp Pass: Attaius’ Peak
Kaito Raffan 3-year old Pocket watch (2 hours)
The Tail of Kaito St. Rabbini (2 hours)
The Magic & Physical Boosters (30 Days) have been improved significantly
Several new Lucky boxes
A massive amount of brand new Costumes, Head & Back Accessoires, Shoulder pets and Underwears!
Just to mention a few:
- Summer themed Swimwear
- a mysterious Kitsune Mask
- a cute Sushi Seal shoulder pet ,
- the legendary Onyx Order Outfit if you want to be like Crow
- angelic Halos or devilish Horns and Tail
- improved Wings, Weapon skins and Head Accessories with even better stats and much, much more
also a new exclusive outfit for all the dedicated players of a Better Game

There is now new difficulties for Ellora’s Spire, Hastans Secret Retreat and the Red Revolutionary Base for more challenge and better rewards!
Each time you beat the Dungeon a higher difficulty level gets unlocked. So give it your best and test your limits!

New Daily Logins and Writ rewards have been added

New familiars have been discovered on the continent of Middelas and will soon find their way to you with upcoming events and future content!
To name some of them:
Blazing Quilin
Bloodguard Kerav
Wrath Wyvern
Inferno Demoroth
Glacial Agnas
the Rune Golem
Spirit Chaser
the Fairy Dragon
Exiled Diramunus (brand new, literally)

The Summer Event 2019 is now Active! 
- The Server buff has been enhanced for the time of the event and gives now:
200% Drop rate
200% rare Drop rate
+20% Taming Rate
+20% Tempering Rate
+10% Crafting Success Rate

The Little Puppy Butler “Revolution” visits Victory Plaza and wants to collect some “Sunshine Token”. Get the Tokens by completing special Daily Quests or clearing Legendary Dungeons and the Red Revolutionary Base and exchange them for some awesome goodies.
Event Familiar Marks
Mythical Tempering Stones & Zelnaris Crafting Packages
GF Pets and a cute Puppy pet called “Sunshine”
several helpful Buff items
a limited, fashionable Summer Outfit

Some of the new Familiars have been spotted in the wild!
Grab some marks from the little puppy butler and go find and tame them!
Rumors say some people have seen a total of 6 new familiars around the contient:
A burning Frost Wyvern above a big Farm near a Castle-Town.
A mysterious Pegasus near a huge gate that leads to very dangerous werewolf territory.
A Dragon that shines like the stars at night flies above a lighthouse near the royal capital.
One very aggressive, gilded Dragon in the northern parts of a land lit by a Bloodmoon.
The other aggressive, flaming Dragon above an active volcano in the very same land.
And the last one is a huge icy dragon in the southern lands of eternal Winter, flying calmly above a lake he made his new home.

How to get Sunshine Token:
Every legendary dungeon boss drops “Sunshine Token” depending on the level of the dungeon. (L40’s the least, Tomb and RRB the most)
a total of 7 Event Daily Quests giving awesome rewards and Sunshine Tokens have been added for clearing dungeons of each typ from Legendary 40’s , 50’s up to the final stages of RRB (boss 5-8 each with it’s own quest)

Patch Notes - Beta 3.2 - June 3rd, 2019

June 13th, 2019 at 7:24pm

- May's event has ended

- Applied June Dailies

- Applied NPC for June writs

- Applied 2nd attempt of PVP rebalance. We need feedback from our community to adjust the pvp formula if needed.

- Nerfed Bilma's loot as a temp solution till we fix that issue ( pet aggro caused by original messy codings) rootly just so we make it fair for Phy classes.

- Changed 100 elluns package's price. 6 - > 4

- Improved servers performance.

Patch Notes - Beta 3.1 - May 9th, 2019

May 24th, 2019 at 2:19pm

-Mythical tempering stones and other rare items as frost alloys/tempered frost alloys, etc have been removed from Exarahn Wolves (Exarahn Jack’s spawns) in order to prevent people from abusing them (that is making Jack spawn more and more so that they can farm them).

- Drop rates for Mythical tempering stones and other rare items as frost alloys/tempered frost alloys on simple Exarium Ores have been decreased.

-All exarahn mobs that were still unbuffed/without loot, have been fixed

-Changes to PvE Class Balance:
Assassin class: one Strength now adds 1.7 Physical Attack 
Priest Class: one Intelligence now adds 2.0 Magic Attack
Ranger class: one Intelligence now adds 3.0 Magic Attack

-Fixed 6th RRB Boss Pirate Leader Karrad bugged skills Lunar Eclipse & Solar Eclipse + a cast time of 2 secs Lunar Eclipse & Solar Eclipse. 

-Fixed the following items on Gold Merchant’ NPC
Potions Tab:
Fatigue Potion - 3x gold coins
Highly Concentrated Familiar Health Recovery Potion - 3x gold coins

-Added Guild Hall Portal in the Familiar Farm (allows you to port to the Guild Halls)

-Added Eldrea ‘Premium Shop’ NPC in the Familiar Farm 

-Added the following NPCs in all 3 guild halls:
Glendor Beast Trainer NPC (allows you to port to the familiar farm)
Eldrea ‘Premium Shop’ NPC

Patch - Beta 3.0 - 1st May, 2019

May 7th, 2019 at 9:42am

- Applied May Dailies

- Applied NPC for May writs

-Increased loot page limit to 25 from 16 currently.

-Applied additional page(s)/slots to storage, also bigger booster bag/talisman bag/premium bags

- -25% on elluns packages in cash shop

-Edited Exarahn manastone rewards to be the following:
Mcbain coins x20
Salant's Magic Shard x6
Zelnaris Mark x3
Kherim Ore x100
Ica Day Premium Coin x1
Frost Alloy x1

Exarahn Badlands is now reworked! All exarahn mobs and two Exarahn World Bosses (Exarahn Jack & Karoneh) have been reworked to be lvl 70, have their stats modified and get new loot tables. Both World Bosses now drop loot similar to Yatuman, all exarahn mobs now drop loot similar to Fractura Master mobs, including myth stones and tempered frost alloys (very low chance) and Exarium Ores now have a very low chance to drop myth stones, frost alloys and tempered frost alloys.

-Assassin class bugged bleed in pvp has been fixed

-[Experimental] New pvp class vs class multipliers have been applied, all classes now deal more damage in pvp. We need feedback from our community to adjust the pvp formula so that it gets well balanced eventually, so no complaints please, just report your findings, our goal is that all classes perform well in pvp against all other classes, 1vs1. And this will take time to get right.

-3man spire added in game perfectly functional, with default kr settings and drops, in order to be tested and get reworked in the near future according to the demands of our community.

-Changes to Eldrea ‘Premium Shop’ NPC
1. “Event” Tab:
Removed item Salant’s Shard - 1 Premium Coin

1. “New Item” Tab 1 (sells items for Blessed Lv. 60 Legendary Emblems):
Added Items:
Salant’s Shard - 25x Emblems
Cherpa Snow Flower - 1x Emblem
Legendary Dungeon Reset ticket - 15x Emblems

2. Same Tab (“New Item” Tab 1), decreased the prices of the following items from 80x currently, to 20x:

Temain Stalwart Equipment Lucky Box - 20x emblem
Temain Brutal Equipment Lucky Box - 20x emblem
Temain Veiled Equipment Lucky Box - 20x emblem
Temain Arcane Equipment Lucky Box - 20x emblem
Temain Devout Equipment Lucky Box - 20x emblem
Temain Wild Equipment Lucky Box - 20x emblem
Temain Genuine Equipment Lucky Box - 20x emblem

-Added the following items for sale with Rabbini Gold Coins on Gold Merchant’ NPC
Potions Tab:
Fatigue Potion - 3x gold coins
Highly Concentrated Familiar Health Recovery Potion - 3x gold coins

-Fractura Boss Mode (normal mode) changes:
Edited all Fractura Boss mode bosses to have a high chance to drop Fectura’s Poison-Proof Ring

-Fractura Master Mode changes:
A . The physical defense of boss Fractura Designer Bilma has been greatly reduced so that melee classes can deal way more damage to it with xbows.
B. Loot on the following Bosses has been greatly improved:
1. Captain Shu'khan
2. Raid Captain Yeritz
3. Deathlord Lyga

-Spring down the Curtain! Enjoy the mild time of the year with some HOT Buffs!

Server buffs now give +200% drop rate & +200% rare drop, +30% tempering chance, +20% Crafting Chance and +30% Triumphant Crafting Success Chance
Yuri “3rd Anniversary Event” NPC in Victory Plaza now has these daily quests:
Quest 1: “Clear lvl 40 Legendary Dungeons”
Objectives: Clear Lavalight Cave, Carleon Manor and Ruins of Matren Legendary
160x Lv. 40 Blessed Fabled Emblem
1x Enigmatic Lucky Box
1x Twilight Pet Lucky Box
1x Event Special Lucky Box

Quest 2: “Clear lvl 50 Legendary Dungeons”
Objectives: Clear Frost Keep, Cavern of the Veil and The Breach Legendary
120x Lv. 50 Blessed Fabled Emblem
1x Enigmatic Lucky Box
1x Void Pet Fortune Box
1x Reload Lucky Box

Quest 3: “Clear lvl 60 & lvl 65 Legendary Dungeons”
Objectives: Clear Temple of Sands, Elder’s Floating Fort and Tomb of the Wyrm Legendary
50x Blessed Lv. 60 Legendary Emblem
25x Turiman’s Blessed Fabled Emblem
1x Enigmatic Lucky Box
1x Twilight Pet Lucky Box
1x Void Pet Fortune Box
1x Awakening Lucky Box

Quest 4: “Defeat Vice Captain Shakis in the RRB”
Objectives: Kill Vice-captain Shakis
1x Premium Coin
5x RRB Certificate
1x Zelnaris Mark
1x Poyo Lucky Box
1x Event Shop Lucky Box

3 . Added the following items to Eldrea ‘Premium Shop’ NPC, only to remain there during the event:
“Event” Tab:
Talisman- 3x Premium Coins
Sugar Rabbini - 2x Premium Coins
Spice Rabbini - 2x Premium Coins
Pet: Noir (legendary) - 3x Premium Coins
Pet: Twilight Izhora (Legendary) - 5x Premium Coins
Pet: Void Izhora (Legendary) - 5x Premium Coins
Pet: Eunha - 5x Premium Coins
Pet: Yerin - 5x Premium Coins
Pet: Yuju - 5x Premium Coins
Pet: Sowon - 5x Premium Coins

Added the following items in “New Item” Tab 1 (sells items for Blessed Lv. 60 Legendary Emblems):
Event Potion - 10x Emblems
Event Potion II - 30x Emblems
Pet: Noir (heroic) - 40x Emblems

Increased Booster Slots
> 30 -> 60

Increased Premium Slots
> 320 -> 560

Increased Premium Bags
> 24 -> 64

Increased Drop Amount Limit Pages:
> 16 -> 25

Increased Max Fellow Slots:
> 60 -> 90

Patch Notes - Beta 2.4 - 2nd Apr, 2019

April 5th, 2019 at 2:25pm


- Applied April Dailies


- Applied NPC for writs


- Performance updates on the servers


- Applied fixes to the past crashes of Stygaea


- A system to reboot instances of the server in case of a crash, thus making the downtimes marginal

Server Information

  • Increased Crafting Rates
  • Increased Drop Rates
  • Increased Exp Rates
  • Increased Reverse Temper Rates
  • Increased Taming Rates
  • Implemented Failstack System


  • Servertime: 07:13:21